Building Reusable Screens and Fragments

UserSearchViewController presents SearchResultsViewController

When building screens in an iOS app, a standard practice is build one viewController class per screen. What if the search and results page share a lot of code? What if they both contain an interactive header to select filter and sort options? What’s the best way to split this up?

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Installing CairoSVG to convert SVG to PDF

Designers often work with vector graphics, which are images that can be resized without any loss in quality. A common format for vector graphics is SVG.

iOS supports using vector graphics directly, but only in PDF format. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to convert SVG -> PDF using a free and open source tool like cairosvg. Blogger Rex Feng wrote an excellent how-to guide to convert and use vector graphics in XCode here:

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Swift and iOS Interview Questions

A list of over 60 Swift and iOS questions asked during technical interviews.

Comments are welcome, including additional questions, alternative answers, and any corrections or clarifications.

Up-to-date for Swift 5.1

Swift and ObjC language

What’s Swift?

  • A hybrid (function / object-oriented) modern language build to be concise and expressive

What’s Objective C?

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